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As already brought out, history proves that the early Muslims had been able to reach the highest summit of honour and glory, whereas the present day Muslims seem to have moved in the opposite direction. It is obvious from the above verses of the Quran that the first Muslims had attained that high position in life because their character. Conversely, the deplorable condition of the present-day Muslims is the result of weakness in their faith and character, the opposite of what their forefathers possessed. Therefore, it will be right to say that today we are Muslims in name only! In this connection, the true Messenger of Allah Ta’ala Hadhrat Mohammad, (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam), had prophesied:

            “An era will come in the near future when Islam will exist merely in name and Quran will exist merely in phrase.”
            This is clearly applicable to the Muslims of the present time. In these circumstances, the points which need urgent investigation are:

  1. As the right type of faith, which can have the approval of Allah Ta’ala and His Apostle and which will bring us spiritual and material advancement, is not to be seen anywhere, what will be the means of acquiring that true faith; and
  2. What are the factors which have caused the extinction of that faith,  and with it the true life of Islam, from our midst?

A study of the Holy Quran Clearly reveals that the capacity to maintain the required level of the true faith of Islam, and the ultimate ascendance to exaltation and glory through it, are dependent on the fulfillment of a special task which has been so graciously assigned by Allah Ta’ala to the Muslims alone. It is for this that they have been given, in the Quran, the distinguished positions, “Khair-ul-Umam” (the best of all peoples).
According to the faith of Islam, the main purpose behind the creation of this world was to extablish and prove the Divinity, the Oneness, and the most exalted existence of Almghty Allah Ta’ala, amd to reflect His unlimited powers and boundless Attributes through man, who was to be guided by the light of true knowledge. It was impossible for man to conceive and utilize that knowledge without his first being purified of impiety and obscenity. Only after that purification, is he to be adorned with fine virtues, excellence of conduct and the eventual capacity to act righteously. It was for this purpose of bringing about this purity and power in the ranks of mankind that thousands of Prophets and Apstles had been deputed by Allah Ta’ala. The last in the series, came the “Sayyed-ul-Ambia wal Mursalin” (the greatest of all the Prophets) Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam). It was through him that mankind received the glad tidings in the following verse:

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