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“There can be no doubt that the act of “amr bil maruf wa nahi anil munkar” is that solid piller of Islam, on which each and every article of faith rests. It is for this very mission that Allah Ta’ala deputed all the Holy Prophets. If unfortunately, it is ignored or forgotten and its methods and practices are given up, one has to defeated and rendered meaningless. Thereafter, the conscience, which is the capital wealth of man, will wither and degenerate Indolence and dullness of mind will prevail. The highway to vice and arrogance will be opened up and barbarity will spread in the whole world. All achievements of man will become dangerous and even harmful. Human relationship will break down. Civilization will be ruined. Mankind will  be reduced to utter moral destitution. But, the vivid realization of all this will come only on the Day of Judgment, when the entire mankind will be under trial before the Almighty Allah Ta’ala and called upon to account for each and every action.”
“Alas! Alas! The fear has come true, that which was apprehended is before our eyes.

The tower of knowledge and enlightenment has been demolished and its benefits and effects have been demolished and its benefits and effects have been completely wiped out. Consequently, mutual contempt and humiliation are rampant. Nothing, of the sublime relationship between man and his Creator, is left in human hearts; on the contrary, man, like animal, has become the slave of his passions. Indeed, not only is there a paucity of true to meet anyone who is prepared to bear the inevitable privations for the sake of propagating Islam.
“Any Muslim who dares to take steps to remove the present state of ruin and devastation, endeavours to revive the act of propagation and comes forward to shoulder that the most distinguished being among the whole of mankind.”
He said this nearly eight hundred years ago, but his statement is very accurately applicable to us today.
We must ponder and calmly think out what is to be done in these circumstances. There are some well-known causes which seem to be responsible for the apathy and indifference that prevail today. These are discussed below.



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