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For the high devotion, keenness and perseverance of Hadhrat Muhammad Ilyas (R. A.) and also due to the profound zeal shown by many other learned and pious personages among Muslims, a cohesive work is currently in progress for the propagation of Islam and the Islamic way of life.  This act is known to most of the well being for the high mission, I have been commanded by the distinguished gentlemen referred to above to write an account of this work, so as to bring out clearly the special burning need for this, the Supreme Islamic activity, at this critical juncture, so that, as many Muslims as possible are able to understand and benefit from what is going on.
In obedience to their command, I have ventured to gather in this booklet a few thoughts and ideas, which are mere drops from the ocean of knowledge and enlightenment possessed by the above mentioned personalities. The collection really amounts to a handful of petals from the vast garden of the teachings of Islam, which I have hurriedly picked up for presentation to the readers. There may be mistakes and omissions in the presentation, for which I beg my readers to make allowance, and request them to be so kind as to amend or correct those mistakes if necessary, thereby earning my gratitude.
It is my earnest prayer that may Haq-Ta’ala (Shanahoo) by His special favours and kindness, and for the sake of the noble personages connected with this work, forgive me for my sins and not uncover my misdeeds, but He may graciously enable us all to lead a pious and virtuous life. May He bestow upon us the wealth of His own love, and grant us the approval to follow His own chosen faith of Islam. May He also give us the power to propagate Islam in strict obedience and loyalty to His dearest and the most distinguished Prophet, (Hadhrat Mohammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam).




About thirteen and a half centuries ago, when the world was sunk in the darkness of ignorance, sin and impiety, a light of true knowledge and guidance rose from the horizon of the rugged hills of Batha*. Its rays spread to the East, West, North and South; they reached every corner of the earth and within the short period of 23 years, the way was paved through that light for the mankind to move to such heights of glory as had never been attained before. It enlightened Muslims and created in them the urge for taking the right counsel, which would ultimately bring them their salvation. By following the right path and the guidance emanating from that light, the Muslims moved from success to success and attained the highest pinnacle of glory in history. For centuries, they ruled on this earth with such grandeur and strength that no contemporary power had the courage to challenge them and, if someone dared to do so, he did that at the risk of being annihilated. This is the historical truth, which cannot by erased. But, alas! this fact of history has only become a myth, an ancient tale, to narrate which may sound meaningless and ridiculous, particularly in the context of the present day life of Muslims, which obviously is a blot on the brilliant performance and achievements of their ancestors, the early followers of Islam.

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