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The history, even up to the end of the thirteenth century Hijri, will reveal that the Muslims were the sole possessors of honour, dignity, power and grandeur, but when on turns his eyes away from the pages of the history books and looks at the Muslims of today, one sees the picture of a people sunk in misery and disgrace, a people who possess no real strength or power, honour or dignity, brotherhood or mutual love, and reflects no virtues or moral character worth the name. One cannot find any sign in them of those noble deeds which at one used to be the symbol of each and every Muslims. Now-a-days, there can hardly be a living person who can be said to have the purity or the sincerity of conscience. On the contrary, Muslims are sunk in vice and sin. They have wandered away so much from the path of virtue which at one time used to be their “hall-mark”, that the enemies of Islam talk and discuss their affairs with delight, contempt and ridicule. Unfortunately, the matter does not end here. The Muslims youth of the new generations, which has been affected and influenced by the so-called modern trends or the Western way of life, take pleasure in laughing at the very ideals of Islam and openly criticize the sacred code of “Shariat” as being out of date and impracticable. One wonders at such behavior and finds that a people, who once gave strength, happiness, honour and peace to the entire mankind, have now become completely demoralized, apathetic, shallow and helpless. Those who had once taught the world the golden lessons of etiquette and culture are today found wanting in these very adornments.


For a long time, some distinguished thinkers and preachers of Islam have been seriously pondering over this unfortunate plight of their people and have been striving hard to reform the Muslim society, but alas!


(The treatment only aggravated the disease).
The situation is fast deteriorating and the future looks darker still. Inaction and complacency on our part in these circumstances will be an unforgiveable sin and crime. But, before deciding what is to be done, it will be necessary to look closely at the root cause of this sad state of affairs.

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