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People have assigned several causes to this degeneration and have adopted numerous measures for arresting the rot, but unfortunately all efforts so far have only brought further frustration. Instead of improvement, despair and confusion have resulted, particularly so in the ranks of learned preachers and “ulema”. The basic truth of all this is that the root cause of the real disease has not been diagnosed. Until this is done, no proper treatment can be prescribed or administered, hence no cure or improvement can be expected. Any step lacking proper diagnosis and correct treatment would amount to making a chronic situations more chronic, and further increase confusion and despair.


It is the proven claim of Islam that the “Shariat” is the Diving Code, which lays down a complete way of life out-lining every possible measure for advancing and progressing on the path of true success and righteousness. It very clearly describes the proper course of action and indicates methods to check and re-orientate in the event of losing direction or going astray. In other words, “Shariat-e-Muhammadiah” assures its followers their spiritual and material well-being and advancement for their whole life in all situations, right up to the last day of life on this earth. Obviously, therefore, it would be futile to look for the cause and the cure for the prevailing degeneration outside the dictates of “Shariat”. For this, of necessity, we must look closely into the “Quran-i-Hakim” which is the fountain source of “Shariat” and of all knowledge and guidance for the whole of mankind. In fact, it is the only source of wisdom for man. We ought to seek its help in finding out what our troubles are and how they are to be removed, if we really desire to attain full recovery. Once we come to know about that we must cling to the solutions and solemnly re-solve to adopt it. Certainly, the wisdom and guidance from the “Quran” will never fail us, particularly at the critical juncture and in the difficult times through which we are passing nowadays. Lets us look and search for the right solutions in the “Quran” and Sunnah”



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