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A brief sketch of the work of “Tabligh”, its importance and urgent need have been discussed. It now remains to be judged as to how all this can guide us and bring us the desired relief and benefits in these times, which are fraught with confusion, unrest and rivalries.
                For this, once again, we have to seek guidance from the allwise “Holy Quran”, which refers to the hard work and endurance for the faith of Islam as a highly profitable business, and puts it across in the following manner:

“O you who believe! Shall I point out to you a trade that will shield you from a grievous doom?                                Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and perform “jehad” in His way with your wealth and lives. This is best for you, if you understand. Your Lord will forgive your sins, and you shall enter Paradise, under   which ripple (beauteous) streams, and stately abodes in everlasting gardens; and this is great success…
And another which you covet much, i.e., succor from Allah and victory near at hand; and give glad tidings to those who believe.”
The above verse describes a trade, which if accepted promises deliverance from all types of afflictions and punishments. The trade is meant: to have a firm faith in Allah Ta’ala and His Apostle and to struggle hard in the path of Allah, without shirking to use one’s life and wealth. This again points to the act of “Tabligh”, which can ensure for us everlasting well-being and happiness. It is this simple work which will bring us great benefits, such as the forgiveness for all our sins, deliberate mistakes and shortcomings and high rewards in the life hereafter. So much for the success in the next life, which really is the greatest triumph for a Muslim, but there is also clear hint for this life too. We shall get what we cherish most, such as prosperity, divine help and success against all our adversaries!
In other words, Allah Ta’ala has demanded two things from us, firstly to have firm faith in Him and His Apostle, secondly, to struggle hard in His path, giving, if need be, our lives and all that we posses. In return for this, He has also promised two things: first a beautiful and peaceful abode in Heaven (Jannat) with an eternal life, and everlasting happiness: and second, glory and success in this life. The first demand on us is that of faith (eiman). This is exactly what the “Tabligh” is  meant to bring to us, that we should all be endowed with the wealth of true faith. The second demand is that of striving in the path of Allah, which actually means “jehad”. Jehad may normally mean fighting a war against oppressors and non-believers. In the practical sense, however, it means spreading of Kalimah of Allah and enforcing of Allah’s Commandments, which is also the ultimate aim of “Tabligh”.
It should be clear to us now that the happiness and success in the life after death is solely dependent of having firm faith in Allah Ta’ala and His Apostle, and in striving hard in the path laid down by Him. Similarly, the success and prosperity in this life too depend entirely on that very faith and on spending all our efforts in the path of Allah Ta’ala.

When we fulfil these basic requirements, firstly of faith in Allah Ta’ala and His Apostle, and secondly of struggling hard in their path, through these two attributes alone, we can adorn ourselves with high moral virtues and excellence of character. Only then can we fit to receive the promised vicegerency of Allah Ta’ala and His kingdom on earth, which are bound to come as is promised in the Holy Quran:

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